Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition) [48kHz · 24bit] Not recognized by Roon

Roon Core Machine

Roon on Synology NAS
Roon Server Version 2.0 (Build 1353) Production 64bit

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Cisco CBS350-24NGP-4X-NA Switch
TP-Link - AXE16000 Router
Synology NAS with dual 10Gb aggregated fiber connection to Switch

Connected Audio Devices

Lumin X1
Sonos various one and five

Number of Tracks in Library

5,000 tracks in library

Description of Issue

I’ve recently purchased Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition) [48kHz · 24bit]
from HD Tracks. FLAC files. I copied the folder and files to my Roon directory and Roon interpreted the album as Conrad “Loved & Lost”. When I click on edit / Identify Album, Roon finds three versions of Future Nostalgia but none is this particular version.

My version has 19 tracks. The ones that Roon finds has only 6 or 4 tracks.

What can I do to help Roon update the library to fix this? Thanks


Are the file tags correct for the album? I only have it on streaming but an 18 track version exists on Tidal and a 19 track version on Qobuz.

This is the ID screen after adding the 19-track Qobuz version to the library:

The 19 Track is on Tidal


However, it’s not within Roon’s database, as it uses metadata from the normal version of ‘Future Nostalgia’.

Strange, mine only showed the 18 tracks in Tidal, at least in Roon

But at at least it’s not showing as Conrad - “Loved & Lost“, as for the OP :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply!

I do not have a Tidal or Qobuz subscription, so I can’t get the metadata from them. I purchased and downloaded the FLAC files from HDTracks. Hopefully, someone at Roon will see this and can go to HD Tracks or Tidal and enter the data into the Roon database.

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Here is a screenshot of the folder on my NAS as well as the product page from HD Tracks. Roon lists three versions of Future Nostalgia but none with “The Moonlight Edition”.

I downloaded the FLAC files from HD Tracks and they reside on my NAS which is running Roon on Synology.

Roon is only showing the first 6 tracks.

Still no resolution for this issue?

Is there a way for me to manually enter the data or force Roon to recognize all of the songs? I still can only play 6 of the 19 tracks.

You can set it in edit to use all of them just ignore its version data. Skip to the last one as this is usually the one from your files in these cases. It will then show all tracks.

Streaming doesn’t use MusicBrianz or Allmusic to identify that’s only for local music. I had an album in Qobuz that I bought the CD and Roon would not recognise it as it wasn’t in its metadata services. I have had similar issue to op with albums that have had extra tracks to the ones it has in its metadata. I just force it to use mine snd ignore the track matching and use my own track names.

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When I click on Edit-Identify Album, the Moonlight edition doesn’t show up. When I click on None of these look right, the Moonlight Edition doesn’t show up anywhere in the list.

When I click on Edit and the Metadata Preference tab, I try clicking on all of the prefer file radio buttons for both “Set preference for 1 album” and “Set preference for the tracks of 1 album”.

Nothing I do fixes the problem, I can only play the first 6 tracks in Roon. I do not have access to the remaining 13 tracks.

Looking in MusicBrianz this version exists so either the metadata is bad or it’s just not matching for some other reason as the version it shows has 19 tracks. Click on Future Nostalgia and go through all versions. One should match if not check the track order is correct and you can adjust this to match
Or just go through to the last one which is your version and okay it should not miss any tracks. I have done this for a good few that don’t match to what’s in Roons database.

OK again I click on Edit
Identify album
Choose the first Dua Lipa Future Nostolgia
Under the album art I see 1 of 13. I click the right arrow to #9 which is the only one that has 1 disc and all 19 tracks. Athough tracks 16, 17 and 18 are missing the suffix in parenthesis.

EX: Disk 1 track 5 is “Levitating” and Disk 1 Track 18 is “Levitating”
However it should be Disk 1 track 5 is “Levitating” and Disk 1 Track 18 “Levitating (feat DaBaby)”

I clicked on Save but I still only see the first six tracks.

So I went to settings Storage and forced a rescan.

Now I have two albums. One with the first 6 tracks and the next with the next 13 tracks.

Sounds like they have bad metadata or Roon didn’t properly invest it. You can try moving the album out of Roon. Go to library maintenance, cleanup and remove deleted or unavailable albums. Re add the album and see if it then sorts it. It looks like the release you have doesn’t match exactly to what’s in MusicBrianz. I would check on their website and see how it differs to yours, there are a lot of versions and what it has may in some way just not be matching to the one you bought. Labels are also bad with this not much Roon can do if it all doesn’t match. You can it’s leave it unindentified. If you have streaming then merge the album with one from there and it will inherit its metadata.

We have plenty of metadata for the 19 track version (coming from TiVo and MusicBrainz). As @Simon_Arnold3 has suggested, you should pick the “Future Nostalgia” album and select a 19-track version from the available options (I see 13 options in my Roon). Unfortunately, some of the metadata for The Moonlight Edition just say “Future Nostalgia”.

However, for some reason, it looks like your album is being split into two. Interestingly, you have mixed track formats – some tracks are 44k and some are 48k. Do these tracks have IDENTICAL album title tags?

I have the regular release and it’s mixed too but Roon identifies it fine.

I have the regular release and it’s mixed formats too but Roon identifies it fine.

So I was going to try what @Simon_Arnold3 suggested, delete the album and recreate it. But I discovered a way to merge the two albums into one. Here’s what I discovered:

  1. From my Windows
    two selected

    desktop version of Roon Remote I went to Artists, Dua Lipa
  2. In the Main Albums section there were two copies of Future Nostalgia. I right clicked on each copy and selected both.
  3. At the top of the Roon Remote desktop at I see "2 selected - Play Now - … ". I left clicked on the elipse and see the Export and Edit choices. (see screenshot)
  4. I clicked on Edit and see the Album Editor dialog box. Under Edit Albums the first choice is “Merge albums”. I clicked on that and Tracks 1-6 from the first instance, merged with tracks 7-19 of the second instance.

Problem solved!

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