Dual system including Rock on Intel Nuc

I have just installed Rock on my new Intel Nuc10i5 with two internal hard drive slots.
Is it possible to have dual system including one Rock and one normal windows on two separate hard drives?

Yes, although if you want Windows, I see no reason not to put the core on it.

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i really like pure system like Rock. i always think Rock is better than Roon on windows system.
let me do the online research to find the dual method on Intel nuc including Rock.

I don’t think it matters. Anyway, keep in mind that when you use Windows, your core will be down.

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Why don’t you just load Linux then. The RoonServer portion of ROCK is the same Linux RoonServer. Then you have an OS you can use for other things without the hassle of setting up a dual booting NUC.

ROCK will install it’s own bootloader (which you can’t modify). So install ROCK first.

Then you can install anything else you want but you’ll need to build your own bootloader. You can also run ROCK in a VM on almost any host / hypervisor. I’m not sure that one has any advantage over just running server on the host itself.

*All this is considered “tinkering”

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