Dumb question? How do I shut down Raspberry Pi?

Just installed RopieeeXL and want to shut down so I can move things around. I can’t just unplug, can I?

On the RoPieee web interface you’ll find a Shutdown and Reboot function. You can use this to shut down the OS properly. But a lot of folks just unplug the Raspberry Pi, does no harm.

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I leave mine running all the time, but you can unplug it.

Ah! It was under “Advanced”. Thanks.

I just pull the plug often on a daily basis for multiple ropieee endpoints and haven’t had any issues. Others I leave powered up all the time.

I am pretty sure RoPieee runs in ram, so powering off should not cause a problem. I leave all of mine on all the time.

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For the R4, you can buy a USB3 to USB3 cable with a switch