Duos — albums with interesting pairings

I have listened to a lot of ACT recently, and they publish a series of very interesting duo albums, like this one:

I tagged them for convenience. But then I remembered I have a lot of other interesting pairings, and I generalized the Tag, beyond ACT.
I don’t mean a conventional duo, like a singer with a piano accompanist. I mean pairings of two strong individuals, and many include unusual combinations of instruments like the accordion and cello that I discussed in the Accordion in new jazz thread.

Have to tag these manually, of course. So far I have found 45 cool Duo albums.
(You will note that it is somewhat biased toward the front of the alphabet: first I was looking in my standard Date Added sort order, then I switched over to sorted by Artist, then I went to bed.)

There’re a lot of great jazz duo albums, but I think this is my favorite:

An all-time fave:


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Thank you @AndersVinberg, again some great recommendations to look into. Although I already spotted quite some overlap to my library when it comes to those ACT albums. :wink:

A rather unusual duo is Paseo a Dos featuring Renaud Garcia-Fons on piano and Dorantes on the double bass. What makes it not your typical piano / bass duo is that most of the time the bass is played bowed, so it sounds more like a piano / cello kind of thing and therefore their both head to head and not one accompanying the other.

If you don’t mind a little latin infusion in your jazz, check it out!


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Just listened to Trace of Impressions, third on your first screenshot. Beautiful stuff, great duo work!
Terrible set of metadata, btw, had to manually correct a lot… :rage:

If you like this, you probably like this one as well (if you don’t already have it in your library but just haven’t tagged it yet :wink: ).