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3 issues:

#1 Artists show duplicate all the time when using Roon database. Check below:

The issue causes the following:

#2 Roon database does not merge artists who have unusual characters in their name. For example, artist Steen Thøttrup and Steen Thottrup are two different people in Roon:

While in the above case, if you were to click on the Steen Thøttrup (the correct spelling) name, his page shows correctly.

That is not the case with the artist Cécile Bredie whose correct spelling goes no where.

While incorrect spelling goes to the right page.

#3 Roon database does not distinguishes between 2 artists when there is a “feat.” or “featuring” between them but sees it as one artist. For example, the song has an artists “Future Loop Foundation feat. Michael Conn”, and should be listed as two primary artists as Future Loop Foundation and Michael Conn separately, but instead, it shows like this:

You can merge duplicate artists, but you may also want to check the file tags first. You may have the artist listed as primary artist and artist.

When feat. is used, both artists are part of the same string and are seen as a single artist. This shouldn’t be used in titles nor include parentheses etc. You can change this if you wish:

Screenshot from 2022-06-09 09-30-24

Screenshot from 2022-06-09 09-31-19

Screenshot from 2022-06-09 09-35-41

This is a #support:metadata matter.

Agreed - I’ve moved the post into that category in the forum.

@David_Knezevich - what is the source of the metadata that Roon is using? Are these albums that you have stored locally, or are they from a streaming service (e.g. Tidal or Qobuz)?

If they are local, then you can probably clean up the metadata in the files to correct some of these errors - and then Roon would display things better.

I am aware of merging. But if I have 3000 songs in my collection going one by one is unreasonable. I was hoping the software can sort this for me, as in merging duplicate artists by itself, and making a separate artists if it detects “feat/feat./featuring” somewhere (as in before the static feat is artist #1 and after it is artist #2.
The feat part (at least in my case) goes in tags, not in the name of the file.
Again, I understand what you are saying and understand there is a manual way to sort this out but we are all using Roon because it does all of this for us, and if we wanted to deal with every song manually, we can still use Winamp.

Local files. But the additional artists are being added by Roon from the Roon database. My local tags are clean of these issues.

Thanks guys for answering to my thread : )

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How many have featured artists? Not 3,000 I’m sure. If you want Roon to do these things, and I certainly would like to see Roon parse featured artists and artist (instruments) etc. Anyway, you’ll have to raise this in #roon:feature-suggestions.


I feel we are talking about different things. These duplicate artists, mislabeled artists and wrong groupings (X artist featuring Y artist) have not been added by me, but by Roon. My local tags are clean.

Only when parsing them through Roon does the issue appear. While the “feat” part might, under certain light, be considered a new feature (which I do not agree with), I feel you are completely glancing over the very real duplicate issue or mislabeling artists with special characters in their name.

Roon consumes metadata provided by various sources, so if these are incorrect, e.g., using / not using accent marks, what should Roon do?

As I said, I’d like Roon to deal with featured artists, but this is a feature request since it’s not implemented.

Furthermore, if you are confident in your tagging, tell Roon to prefer them in the global settings.

That does not work. Because when I do that the artist contributions are not in my tags (as tags do not exist for it) so they get displayed regardless. Displayed from the Roon database. And only way for me to remove this is go song by song.

These can be added to your tags. Whether using Roon or a tagger, you have to commit time do this, so I tend to let Roon handle metadata, and correct anything I’m unhappy with when I see an issue.

Ok, let’s assume that I do not have this info in my songs. I do not find that I need it, but at the same time I do not want wrong or double info being displayed here.

So if I do not have any info, Roon will put it’s info there. Roon has wrong or duplicate info. I have to click manually song by song in order to fix this.

I am back where I started.

I agree with you on this. It is what it is. Live with it, raise a feature request, or…

I mean this is why I am posting. I am looking for support for the thing that does not work the way it is supposed to.

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