Duplicate covers and unwanted Tidal albums

Continuing the discussion from Your Top 3 Priorities for Roon:

A little early for me to say but right now it’s these.

  1. Audio quality as good as Audirvana on my MAC. Tidal audio quality as good as their app on my MAC.
  2. A really easy way to get rid of unwanted duplicate album covers. I do have duplicate versions due to both hirez and regular versions on the drive, although If Roon handles down-conversion to Apple TV I don’t need to see the low Rez album cover. I certainly don’t need to see Tidal versions as well.
  3. Turn off Tidal albums listings that were not selected by me.

Hi Gerhard,

I started a new thread from your above post to let you know that at least two of the above can be done now.

To hide duplicate covers go to Settings/General and make sure “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” is set to “No”.

To delete Tidal collections that you no longer want, see here.

As to SQ, Roon supports limited integration with HQ Player which many, including myself, find improves SQ. Having said that HQP is not for everyone and many people enjoy Roon quite happily without it.