Duplicate "Masters At Work"

Duplicate “Masters At Work”

“Masters At Work” is very famous house music duo.
Add it to the library, it will always be added to “Masters at Work” instead of “Masters At Work”.
I edit it one by one with “Album Editor” every time, but it’s very troublesome.
I want “Masters at Work” to be deleted from the metadata server.

This album has also been changed from “Masters at Work” to “Masters At Work”.
However, the next time I add an album of “Masters At Work” to my library, it will be added to “Masters at Work” instead of “Masters At Work” again.

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Have you tried merging all your “Masters At Work” artists? It’s a little bit involved. I haven’t found an easier way of doing it.

Go to any album with a Masters at Work credit. Then:

three dots → edit → edit album → +add primary link → add all versions of Masters At Work

Your album will look something like this with duplicate Masters at Work in the primary link area at the top of the screen:

Next go to the Artists tab in the main side-bar menu.

  1. Filter on Masters At Work and highlight all those you want to merge.
  2. You should see a “merge artists” button appear top right when you highlight the artists.
  3. Merge all the artists into the one you want to keep.