Duplicate Tracks in Library

I have approx 70k tracks in my library currently, mostly from my own collection. I have uploaded a ton of compilations, mostly jazz, funk and soul, and inevitably there are many tracks that appear on multiple compilations. I know you can identify duplicate albums but I haven’t seen a clear explanation as to how you can identify duplicate tracks across your entire library. Obviously, I could do it manually in Track view but that would be too laborious.
Any thoughts?

There isn’t a way in roon.
There are many file duplication checkers that will find them but what do you want to do with them once found?

I just want to delete the duplicates from my library.
I haven’t used file duplication checkers before but I assume I would apply them to my library (held on an external USB hard drive) and that Roon would be updated accordingly?

Yep. You have to be careful though and delete the compilation, stranded versions and not the version in a complete album.
Of course versions with different lengths etc will throw the checker off.
Songkong has rules and acoustical matching

Thanks. I will look at Song Kong and see if it will meet my needs.

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