Dvd audio in playlist

not sure if this is the right spot for this question

I have some dvd audio discs that I found a program to rip to flac and store on my NAS

I just got Roon and a Nucleus. when I imported my songs
into Roon, all of these ripped dvd audio albums showed up as playlists rather than as albums. I tried to delete one but it didnt just delet the playlist, it deleted the album entirely

wondering how to get the album back for one. And also how to get the other albums out of the playlist area and still have them as albums

There must be a playlist file in the folder with the media files themselves. Roon wouldn’t import a FLAC file directly to a playlist, and there would still have to be a media file for the playlist to refer to.

is there a way to delete a playlist without deleting all the music in it from Roon all together? when I tried deleting one, it took the album away also. it is no where to be found in my music anymore

Delete the playlist (the file) in the folder.

To clarify, not through Roon. Just delete using Windows explorer or your equivalent. The .PLS file would presumably be it.

Hi @Tom_DeLayo,

Roon will not import files directly to playlists unless there is a playlist file (like .m3u) in the watched folder.

Deleting media in Roon also deletes the files on the drive, so you should only delete if you want to remove the files completely from your storage location.

So we can better understand what you’re seeing, can you share some screenshots?

looks like I can remove each file from the playlist until its empty, and then rename the play list and just make a new play list out of it. this is ok as long as I use the same number of playlists.

I would imagine if I empty the playlist then delete it, that I wont lose any files?

heres a new dilemma. just spent the better part of 2 days duplicating some of my playlists that I had in J River. I just put a hard drive in my nucleus and transfered all my NAS files into the new hard drive. that worked fine but now if Idisable my NAs so the nucleus only uses files from its internal hard drive, all the songs in my play lists say that they are unavailable. Im sure there has to be an easy way to fix this. can you point me in the right direction?

Hi @Tom_DeLayo,

Do you have any backups of Roon from before you made the move to internal storage?

When you do these types of moves you want to make sure that you don’t have media importing twice, which will happen if you have both locations active at the same time. The best option is to restore a backup and follow the process outlined here for moving your library.