Dvorak Symphony 9 Kertesz SACD

For some reason my search for the Esoteric SACD of Dvorak’s 9th Symphony doesn’t pull up the right version. It has been on MusicBrainz for a while:

But Searching on Roon using the usual combinations of composer, conductor and orchestra I draw a blank.

Has anyone had better luck than me?

I assume you have ripped the Esoteric SACD version to your hard drive, and can access it thru Roon.
I have a copy of the Stereo Sound version. When I rip the SACD using an Oppo player I add pdf’s of the front and back cover to the file and label the file name so I know the provenance. If Roon doesn’t automatically pick up the title and art work contained in the data file, you can edit the file information from the device you’re using to navigate thru Roon.
It takes a bit of effort but I’ve been able to proper identify all of my rare SACDs

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Hi @dpstjp,

The top result in your screenshot appears to be the correct one. The cover art is not the same as the art you see in MusicBrainz because we have artwork from a different source on this one, but it should be what you’re looking for.

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It’s the same recording, I agree, dylan, but I assumed that I would be given the SACD version as an option to choose from that one as it has slightly different track timings to the CD version?

Trying to get my head round why Roon sometimes has many versions of the same album and in this case doesn’t.

For example I get offered 29 different versions of Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” when I ask Roon to re-identify my copy of that.


Agreed, I have an old PS3 and a reserve Pioneer BluRay/SACD player that can back up SACDs.

I always add scans and can easily access these but I also have a back up NAS in a different location that I also use for Roon and having Roon pick up the right album first time cuts down significantly on having to maintain two libraries.

I’ve added a lot of albums I have to MusicBrainz (although this one was already on) to allow Roon to do this just as a general rescan of the library. It’s been very efficient (and fast) at doing this within a day or so of me adding them with the odd exception, so this one surprised me.