Dynamic playlist editor improvements?

May I please inquire what Roon’s plans are for dynamic playlist editing? I guess Roon calls this Focus. i think the playlist feature of Jriver Media Center is really powerful. I can create a playlist based on any tag and even create complex queries. It would be great if Roon can get at least close to what Jriver is doing. For example, its hard for me to believe that I cannot create a dynamic playlilst to show artists or albums or tracks by genre that I have NOT listened to in the past X months/days/years. I can come up with many more examples of how limiting Focus is right now. Any way, it would be good to know where Roon is headed with playlist/Focus so I can set my expectations for what I can hope to achieve with Roon in the (near?) future.

Thank you.

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Tracks View (for example)
Focus > Genre
Focus > Played in the Last … (Left side of the pop up box)
Then click on the plus sign next to the Played in the Last to make it a minus.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Focus doesn’t work well in my brain - perhaps that says something about me, eh? :wink:

I envision a dynamic playlist, similar to iTunes from some years ago - I last used iTunes 5-6 years ago after spending some time with Foobar for a decade or two.

I’d liked to be able to select from a single drop-down or as many as drop-downs as I choose to add ‘focus’ to the building of the ‘query’ run by Roon.

Something like this: Play me something from 1981-1985 (my high school years) that I’ve NOT listened to in the past 90 days AND is 320kbps MP3 or worse (or better), and name it ‘High School awesome rips!’

And by virtue of being dynamic, the saved query is run every time I select the playlist ‘High School awesome rips!’

3 years necrobump, apologies but hope this helps the devs as I understand they’re not big playlist people.

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