Dynamic range column. in track browser

In the Roon knowledge base under Dynamic Range > Where can I see Dynamic Range in Roon, it shows some ways to see that information, one being in the track browser when dynamic range column is enabled. How do I enable it?

The arrow in the top right corner of the track list allows you to add and remove columns…

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Excellent, thank you!

Maybe I’m missing something but I do not have that arrow. I looked through all the settings and all I can find is the option to turn on dynamic range on artist page. So it shows for the whole album but not for each track. This is what it looks like for me and as you can see there’s no arrow :cry: Any ideas on how to get the arrow? I’m using the Windows 10 app if that helps.

Unfortunately it is not available in the album track view, only in the list of all tracks which you can select via the hamburger menu, top left.

You can disregard my previous question. I see now that it is apparently only for “track browser” specifically which I never really look at and actually didn’t even know it existed til now so never mind I guess. Dang though, that would be a cool feature to be able to pick what columns you see in the album view or whatever the view is called that’s in my screenshot from above. I’d totally put dynamic range next to number of plays or something.

lol thanks you replied while I was writing my other reply about how I figured out I was just a dummy. Thank you so much though!