Dynamic Range differences between Roon and Foobar Dynamic Range Meter V1.1.1

Hi Guys,
I keep wondering about the DR statements under Roon because they often differ significantly from Foobar’s DRM.
The latest extreme example is the album “Chopping Machine” by Colour Haze, which according to Roon has a dynamic range of only +2, but according to Foobar has +9.
Even repeated analysis did not produce any other result.
Did you already notice that?
Where is the dog buried?

In the back yard, under the elm tree.

Serious answer, I believe Roon uses a different measurement technique, but I’m out of my depth. Check out: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Dynamic_Range

Hi John,
thanks for this link, but he does not really give an answer because i analyze the same music data.

Different methods used: