Dynamic Range Metering

I would really like to see a good dynamic range metering system added to Roon. While the waveform image at the bottom is a nice ‘overview’ it serves little other purpose. And, given the fact that Roon will not ever have the ability to use Plugins, preventing me from using any VST plugins for metering that I already have, it would be great to see this built in.

So, it needs to be a level meter that also shows Crest Factor (Dynamic Range), and yes it is serves no purpose other than to indicate how good or bad the dynamic range of a given track is, I think you will find there are many who will appreciate this feature immensely, myself included!


As far as I know it’s already in the works for sometime in the future. I agree it’d be great to have that attribute and to be able to filter albums and/or tracks by dynamic range score…however, I find the waveform equally telling and when I happen to took at it it’s generally a confirmation of what my ears are telling me … brickwalled crap sounds like brickwalled crap without having to see the waveform or a DR score.

That is great hear, hopefully it will make an appearance soon then.

Brian discussed fairly recently some ideas he had for potentially incorporating AU/VST plugins into the RoonBridge architecture in the (hopefully not too distant) future. See his post below.

I use Roon’s waveform to eyeball the ‘loudness’, works a treat. When I used JRiver, I’d have the DR and R128 values displayed. I like know if it’s an early or modern mastered album, and if, and by how much to adjust the amplifier’s volume between albums.

1.3 will implement R128 loudness range calculation during analysis (it also does loudness value)

this was also requested earlier here: Dynamic Range Metric - Track and Title - Feature Request

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Sorry for being thick, what’s a DR rating?

I guess none are too late if they’re already being incorporated into 1.3, and if not there’s always 1.4 :wink:

My basic understanding is that it is a rating given to a song or album related to compression used on the dynamic range of the sound recorded. See here for more details:

And here for a database of albums ratings:


The rating really is a guideline and not always indicative of a great sounding record!

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Thanks! (I think I might have even asked that question before, getting old!)

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For 1.3, we gave up on this DR14 thing, because it looks like the R128 loudness range is much better information.


I think it is a good choice.

Hi Danny - whilst the R128 algorithm is deemed more correct it cannot be used to cross reference against the DR Loudness database, which makes it pretty pointless to some users. FYI - J River and Audirvana have both R128 and DR which is the best of both worlds.

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I second @Jonathan_Dibble1. Best solution is to get both R128 and DR informations as JRiver and Audirvana do.

Sorry, but I’m not seeing the use case here.

Both give you insight into compression and loudness, and I understand seeing the DR Loudness DB is good for future purchases (to prevent buying something horrible sounding), but when would you want to compare your own data to another DB, and what would that comparison get you?

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Hi Danny

The http://dr.loudness-war.info data here is good to use to check old releases against new to check they have not been crushed to smithereens!

Another vote for DR over DR128. Whilst the latter is technically a better indicator, DR seems to be far more widely used and therefore more useful imho. Pretty sure I’ve never heard anyone talking about the DR128 rating, but just look at (for example) the Hoffman music forums for DR based chatter and you’ll find loads.

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That sounds horrible for me. Discussions about technical measurements of audio files.
Where is the music, where are the emotions?
Can you simply enjoy a new album of a creativ artist or did you first look if DR is ok and sample- and bitrate is high enough?
For me music is not about the technical aspects, it’s about ideas and emotions.


So your conclusion from my preferring DR to DR128 is that I’m unable to enjoy music without delving into DR ratings? Really?

If DR ratings are of no interest to you then that’s a valid opinion, but making demeaning and fascile comments about those who do take an interest in the technical quality of recorded music reflects more on you than them.


Isn’t DR 128 more to do with volume levelling of tracks when playing them back or am I missing something.

I have a stereo auditory DR acoustic meter which is far more accurate than the DR database, - CLUAS 1965se.