Dynaudio hub MQA support?

I listen muisc form Tidal,and I have xeo hub to connect Dynaudio xeo4 ,
pc (usb)----> xeo hub β€”>xeo 4 speaker

Does it get MQA (24bit 96khz)?

Roon will do first unfold to 96/24 in software so if you have it hooked up to the digital input of the hub then yes if they support that Res natively in the dac.

One thing to add, is that the transmission from the Hub to the Xeo 4’s are limited to max 16/48, so the Hub will downsample anything higher sample rate coming into the Hub that is higher.

I have Cocktail Audio N15D(It’s pre-amp support MQA & Roon) , and I want to buy a Dynaudio xeo 20

  1. N15D----> optical cable β€”>Xeo 20 speaker or xeo hub
  2. N15D----> RCA cable----->Xeo 20 speaker or xeo hub

which one is better? If I want to listen MQA

I’m not sure what the N15D will output through the digital outs if you decode MQA? But be aware that the optical and coaxial (Xeo connect box, the hub only does 16/48) only accept up to 24/192.

If you feed them the analog signal from the N15D the Xeo speakers will sample in 24/96 and do dsp and power the speakers.

I have no idea what would sound better, if anything? For some time I used a Marantz HD-DAC1 to feed my Xeo speakers through the analog in because I needed more inputs but I can’t say I noticed any big difference.

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