Early access vs production clients

I’m in the process of setting up another Roon core in a different location. My main location is on early access, the second location would be on the production release. The catch is that my Roon clients move around between locations: macOs, iPadOS, Android. What’s the recommended way (if any) to have Roon clients for both production and early access cores?

For an iPad and iPhone it would be easy to delete one version and add the other. Production would be from the Apple App Store and Early Access from TestFlight. I don’t know about the others.

@Fernando_Pereira, I can’t speak directly for Roon, but I believe what you run is partly tied to your account settings. One approach is to download the production release from the Roon download site:

and see if that allows you to install it on your second Core. I also believe that the earlyaccess builds are downloaded only through the EA links posted when Roon releases a new EA build. The only issue may be the Remotes on mobile devices may require an EA or Production build, and as far as I can tell you have to choose one or the other, in my case, for iOS devices.

If a core is on early access, it updates itself to early access. Same for clients. But in general early access clients don’t talk to production cores, and vice versa. I’d rather not have the second core on early access, because when I’m there I don’t want to be bothering with any kind of debugging. But having so mess around with the clients is also not ideal, multiple things to deal with. In an ideal world, I could have two different client apps on each device, a production app and an early access app.

Or, devote one remote to Early Access and one to Production.

That’s what I’m doing, iPad is on production, other remotes on early access. It should be easier, but that’s life.


I thought about this for a while and then decided to just suck it up and have both locations on early access. I didn’t want to be an edge case of an edge case (I know it’s technically a corner case then, but I mean something even more edge case-y).