Easiest way for music library updates in Nucleus

I add a few albums a week to my collection via my MacBook Pro, does anyone who’s had experience incrementally adding albums to the SSD on a Nucleus+ like to impart their wisdom.

What’s your question, Paul?

Hi Martin,

What’s the best way to incrementally update my music library on my SSD on Nucleus+ from a MacBook Pro?

Hi Paul,
Via the network.
Just find the Nucleus SSD storage as a networked drive on your PC/Mac, and ‘drag ‘n drop’/copy.

I sampled the built in CD Ripper. It’s easy to use if you’re ok with the file structure. It adds a file named CD-RIP, the albums are labeled with date/time stamps and the tracks are listed by number instead of artist/album/track names.

Put the disc in the drive USB attached to the NUC and the album art pops up on the screen when the rip and database magic is finished. I don’t believe you can tell anything about artist/album/track from looking at the files, it’s all in the database.

I’m using it to get the music into Roon quickly but also rip the cd’s on my desktop to keep the source files in order and backed up. For me it’s drag and drop vs double ripping but I do the desktop rip at my convenience with Roon already playing the music.

drag and drop your files/folders on to the Roon app on the MacBookPro – it’ll take of copying the files over to your storage locations.

I wouldn’t want to do this for terabytes of content, but it is perfect for incremental updates to your library.