Easy and automated Roon display

Is there any auto on off roon display solution available? Setup one time and then use everytime when start to play music in a specific room?

Ropieee with an official RPi 7 inch screen.

No display is per zone specific for chromecast output. But if you have a core on a pc/mac and display the output of this it which can show any zone your controlling. Or as Henry as said using a pi with display and Ropieee.

I’d love to be able to “group” a Roon-ready video endpoint with a Roon-ready audio endpoint.

Do you mean a display that is showing what a separate endpoint is playing? This is the Raspberry Pi + Official display + RoPieee option.

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Thanks! I already looked up some RPI display cases and didn’t found a good one: almost every case needs the display to be installed in the wrong direction. You can easily fix that via SW, but the viewing angle and colors are shifting from what I saw. Any suggestions?

There is a Bamboo one I have that you can have either way it’s a matter of turning the legs around. But you then have the issue of power cable bending and can damage the touchscreen cable, but it works I had it this way for some time.


That could work - is the RPI in a enclosure or open? How do you perceive the display quality?

The R-PI touch screen isn’t exactly the best LCD around anyway - a lot of backlight bleed and color are not so great and gamma seem way off which ever way up it is - to the extent that for a web UI I am doing, I actually felt the need to define different colors and shades for that device.

It would have been nice had they don’t it the wright way up (still cant believe that got messed up) - maybe if the case gets revised for the R-PI 4 they will fix it.

But it is usable and probably the most complete case there is and price is OK. If you use stick on cable ties on the back, you can just about keep cable bent back enough to keep them inviable from straight on.

There are other displays, but size/resolution is different, touch support is different (via USB) etc. Lack of cases for them - the list goes on. It seems easiest all round to just stick with official one and set the boot option to turn it the right way up unless you have the means to make a nice DIY case.

I think someone did make a metal audio case for it with a linear PSU in it that was also part of a audio appliance project (cant remember its name), but the case + PSU was really expensive and by the time you add a PI - was pushing towards 3-400 euros I think.

Or, you can use right angle micro usb adapters, if seeing the cables is a concern. I bought mine on ebay, but there are undoubtedly other sources.

Thx a lot! I will wait then for a better solution like the Google Home Hub as Roon Display (automatically starting with a zone)…
This is really a gap which needs to be closed :slight_smile:

hi @SSK84,

I use a Google Home Hub(Nest hub) to display when I start playing on the Roon endpoint in my bedroom. It works great as you can cast to the Home hub, so you simply configure it as the display for the endpoint. I am not quite sure if that is what you’re after looking at the previous discussion in the thread, but thought I’d mention it anyway.


This is what I am looking for. But in another thread, there were complaints about the integration (display stops showing roon after 15 min or so).

Is it stable with yours? What is your display showing? Is it the roon display visual wit album art etc?

Works great for me and displays Artist photo with small cover art

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Oh! That’s sounds great! As I said: they were issues written in a thread here about stability. I will give it a try after your positive feedback!

Sorry for asking again: so the hub starts automatically with the linked zone and then goes to stand by automatically after a while?

haha yes…I left it running for about 45min now and it is still casting the artist photo, small cover art, time display and waveform, and lyrics if available.

It starts automatically when I start playback on the designated zone, and reverts to Google screen saver after a couple of minutes if I stop it. If I ask google for the weather while it is showing the roon info, it shows me the weather, and returns to the roon info after a couple of seconds.

So on my network it is stable :slight_smile:

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I will buy one today :slight_smile:

I have it here and it works! Now in operation for over 15 Mins. One drawback: Display is for my viewing distance a little but too small. Layout settings would be fine to e.g. increase the font. Other than that: GREAT display and easy to use (starts automatically with selected zone!). @Wouter_du_Toit thanks again for your post!

Chromecast + Cheap TV? Will cost more, but bigger display.