Easy Listening (quiet harmony and joyful melody of life)

We have to take good care of our music. Much is lost to us because we are always on the search for the new song. Our friends of classical music show love for very old compositions, but also in popular music there are old pearls. We want to look for them here in the quiet harmony of a genre.

Percy Faith (b. April 7, 1908 in Toronto, Ontario; † February 9, 1976 in Encino, California) was a U.S. (naturalized 1945) orchestra leader of Canadian descent.

soft tones from the piano of a Greek

Of course, Percy’s biggest hit may be “Theme from a Summer Place” from the eponymous 1959 film. The music for the song was composed by the great and prolific film composer Max Steiner.

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Thank you for this information.

I need to see what was composed besides Movie or Soundtrack in the direction of classical or German Schlager / Folk.

Now things are even calmer. Frank Doberitz (aka Frank Borell) does the chillwalker.

Roon presents it us so about an ordinary browser:

A New Beginning and so most Wake Up in Paradise:

and explore more albums, similar artists…(Chillwalker)

see the latest:


and look for more projects this artist is involved in. No software can do more on the journey of discovery…

bürgerlicher Name = Michael Maretimo - Baur

for the quiet moments this also works quite well

if you like piano



Zen Relaxation - Harp Music for Massage, Meditation, and Reiki and Wellness [2014]

The Zen Harp Collective = for healing and more

Thanks for this Roon recommendation, very reassuring to know that much comes into focus without searching.

A piano is always a delicate treat for our ears. It always flows as easily as the water…

I really like this music recommendation and it makes me think of these other connections:

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He can rock and also hit the quiet notes

If you are looking for music ideas for the tight and slow dance, you can take this midnight lady with you. The Love Pearls Unlimited music series has cover albums for each decade that are quite appealingly produced and don’t require switching to the original artist for each track…and with Roon, the original is just a click away.

3 Flight of the Albatross

Paul Williams - :slightly_smiling_face:

This afternoon I watched Brian De Palma’s 1974 movie ‘Phantom of The Paradise’. Paul, who was a familiar face on 1970’s tv shows, plays the nasty ‘Swan’ in this movie, he also wrote the songs for the movie. I personally think that Paul Williams is an overlooked talent :frowning_face: He wrote so many classic songs for other people, including ‘The Carpenters’ and the amazing ‘Rainbow Connection’ for the Muppets tv show. I think people of a certain age - ahem, will know his face.

Anyway, his album ‘Someday Man’ is a lost easy listening classic, imho.

I would also recommend the album ‘Roger Nichols and His Small Circle Of Friends’
Paul was heavily involved in this album.

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It has to be a “like” just for the magnificent photo!

:sunglasses: Seriously, he is the dude (diminutive)
Just these two alone
We’ve only just begun / Paul Williams - YouTube
Love this version of Rainbow Connection :+1:
Rainbow Connection - YouTube

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Easy feelings for memory of well known songs

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