ECC memory? any reason for it with HQP Embedded?

Is there any reason / advantage to use ECC memory if I plan to run HQP embedded?

I’m building a new system so this would narrow my CPU options. Thanks!

Nope. ECC is an error correcting type of memory, designed for critical workflows. For general computing, including digital audio, it’s not required.

Linus would disagree with you…

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But, my question really was about if error correction in DRAM even matters or is useful to HQP or if the calculations are never paged out that far (stay in processor cache)? (think I used the right terminology there)

Agree, not required, but I’m still interested if would hold any benefit.

Linus may be right about Intel’s intentions - I can’t tell - but if it increases cost and narrows choices, and considering that the chances of memory going bad and causing corruption are really low, I think the benefits don’t justify the costs, at least for music playback.

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Most important is to leave memtest86 running for about 24 hours to see that the RAM works properly in first place. HQPlayer can put quite a bit of load on the RAM, so you will pretty soon notice if the RAM is not realiable.

On my Xeon workstations I have ECC RAM. Since Intel Core CPUs don’t support this, it is not necessary there.

If your system supports it, you can use ECC RAM. But it doesn’t make practical difference. (and GPU’s typically won’t have it)

So primarily make sure you use high speed RAM with low CL.

There’s an existing thread on other forum. Jussi was in the discussion too

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That’s the question… I’m building a new system so it could if there was benefit as I’d build it around a Xeon CPU. :slight_smile: I just don’t understand HQP well enough to know if there is benefit.

Thanks, reading now.

Actually, I think this answers the question. If RAM speed and latency makes a positive difference then I have to conclude, for myself anyway, preventing bit flip errors is also a positive thing.