Echo Show (Gen 2) as Roon Display

Can an Echo Show gen 2 be used to display currently playing song from Roon?

There is no native support but If it has a web browser you can try it as Roon display using the URL Roon will generate but there is no guarantee it will work as its not supported in all browsers on devices.

I have setup both the Echo show’s hidden firefox browser as a web device.

And, there is a web controller extension which can load which allows you to use it as a control device as well.

I’ve been struggling to get Roon to display on old iPads, then figured the older architecture doesn’t let this happen.

So before I buy the Echo (dont know anyone who can loan me one) was wondering if you can guide me through this.

Is it as simple as this ----> on the Echo browser go to the below address?

Any idea if the above works on the “Echo Show 5”? What about on the “Echo Show 8”?

Apologies, am an 50 year old accountant who knows not too much computer programming. Am happy just having a pretty display show the “now playing” artwork.

May I suggest a raspberry PI with a raspberry PI 7in screen, stick ropieee on it?


I think I tried it once when the Echo still had firefox browser. I think it worked but, it was to wonky to use on a regular basis. I will give it a go again today and report back tomorrow.

Unfortunately an Echo is not a good display for Roon. The Amazon Silk browser doesn’t seem to allow full screen display and the address bar takes up a lot of space. There is also no way to keep the browser active so after a few minutes it closes and goes back the the echo Home Screen.

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While the Amazon Echo Shows are not really very good Roon displays and don’t work as Roon controllers or endpoints, the Amazon Fire HD tablets work great as Roon displays, controllers and endpoints. The Fire HD 10 Plus with the charging stand can also function as an Echo Show. Worth looking into.

I have provided the ideal answer

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Yep! Rpi 7 works flawlessly.