Edgar Meyer credited as Edgar Meyers on John Stewart's Punch the Big Guy

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Aoife O’Donovan, Age of Apathy

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The artist bio references Edgar Meyer, but the link to him is to “Edgar Meyers” with an extra “s”, and not the correct person/artist. The spelling is correct in the bio, but incorrect in the link and in the “Mentioned in this biography” section. I believe the artist should be the bassist and composer who has collaborated with all of the other artists in the bio.

Hello @Garrett_Mathieu,

As always, we appreciate the heads up here. We’ll take a look at how this information is reflected on our metadata providers’ side and see what we can do!

Additionally, please understand that our metadata improvement efforts are focused on system wide fixes. We don’t have the ability to jump into the metadata and make prescriptive changes. The information belongs to our metadata providers and we have to coordinate with them.

Because of this, making a manual edit to the album credits in your Roon library is often the quickest, most effective, way to address these small metadata annoyances.

You can edit the Edgar Meyer credits on this track, here’s how you do it:

  1. Select the track by long-clicking or right clicking.
  2. Click the elipsis button at the far right hand side of the track.
  3. Click edit
  4. Click edit track
  5. Click edit credits
  6. Click + Add credit
  7. Deselect Edgar Meyers
  8. Search and select Edgar Meyer
  9. Click Save

Edgar Meyers is now corrected and linked to the entry for Edgar Meyer.

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