Edit Album: Primary Artists

Can I delete artists that are listed here?

would like to delete most with hopes of accessing the artists I like instead of having to type 1st few letters…

list is filled with a ton of junk

thank you

Are you referring to this? I have over 1,200 artists in my collection, so search is really the only means of locating a primary artist when editing an album.

I only listen to bootlegs of 4 bands.

Roon does a bad job of determining what to call the file and often assigns "unknown " or “various artists”.
when I search for the “primary artist” a bunch of junk comes up. Many artists that are listed are from a mistake Room made (listed artist of a cover song)

I have been labeling my shows with correct artist (1000’s) which takes alot of time.

if I could delete 98% of the listed artists and be left with the 4 or 5 artists I listen to I would think I wouldnt have to type as much for the specific band.

for example:
to change the primary artist to PHISH requires me to type PHISH as there us so much junk that resembles that word.

would like to just type “P”

Roon does so much its unfathomable that one could not edit the artists list

thx much

It’s not surprising that Roon can’t identify these bootlegs. However, I think you may be approaching thinks the wrong way if you’re confident in your trading. Simply set Roon to prefer your tags.