Edit Genre Heirarchy

I am running Roon on a Windows 10 PC.
I have deselected genres from my files and from Roon.
I wish to develop my own genre heirarchy.
Although your help info says I can do this from the three dots on the Albums page, there are no three dots showing on this page.
Please tell me how to proceed.
I wish to produce the following heirarchy:
Piano Misc

I look forward to your response

Select an album this opens the album page. Click on the 3 dots and select Edit.

Select Edit Album and scroll down to Genres.

If there’s at least one genre you can open up Genres from the Hamburger menu and then select a genre. Click on the 3 dots and select Edit.

This brings up the Genre Editor where you can set/change the parent genre and a description.

Thank You,

But how do I add a sub-genre?


@Warren_Thorpe: If the genre you want to add isn’t in Roon’s genre list, you can add a genre manually by simply typing the genre into the genre input field of the “Edit Album” tab in the Album Editor (as seen in the screenshot above). Press enter and save the change - the genre should get added and you can then use the Genre Browser to assign it to another genre as a sub-genre just as @BlackJack explained.

Thank you u_gee
I have successfully added the genre “Piano Misc.” When I go to the genre list it seems that I can only edit the parent genre. It is not clear to me how to assign a genre to a parent genre as a sub-genre. The only option seems to be to edit a parent genre. So I added “Piano Misc” and it ended up being a parent genre, with Classical as a sub-genre. I can’t seem to reverse this so that “piano Misc” becomes a sub-genre of Classical.

Here is what the Roon help system tells me:
“Roon supports editing of the genre hierarchy itself. Is Tango a Top-Level genre for you? By all means, put it at the Top-Level.”
Here is the link to this:


Open up the Genre Editor on Piano Misc. and set Parent to Classical.

Maybe with pictures it gets easier. For example I’ve got a (sub-)genre “Solo Instrumental Music”:

Actually, this is a genre I’ve created myself and it’s assigned to classical:

Clicking “Classical” opens the genre list from which I could choose a different parent or make it a top-level-genre:

Hope it helps a little.

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Thank you again. I’ve now managed to restore “Classical” to the status of parent genre. However “Piano Misc” is still listed as a Parent Genre. Any idea of how to place this under Classical in the genre hierarchy?

Please use these instructions to post pictures that demonstrate what you are doing.

Thank you BlackJack, I am very grateful for your help…it worked by the way!

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