Edit Most Played (Artists/Albums) — for Pete’s sake

Somehow Roon went into AI mode and I found out it has a real love for John Conley. Now it is showing up on my #1 most played artist. No doubt Barry Manilow and Andy Gibb will soon rise to #2 and #3. But this can be quite embarrassing if friends and family with roots in bluegrass come across this. Help us save what we have left of our musical appreciation respect and provide a way to hide these Indulgences our sweet little Roon servers likes tee up. Aka Pete :slight_smile:


Roon should just provide a privacy option ‘Don’t track’. Not sure if they are selling this data to anyone but I really hate this tracking.
Currently there is no way to disable this or even hide it (as far as I know).

They don’t according to what’s written here: http://kb.roonlabs.com/Privacy_Policy

Play counts are profile specific. Until there’s a switch to hide play counts you could create a clean profile when critical visitors come over and use this profile to keep your street credibility. :smiley:

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