Edit or add text field to album metadata

It would be great to be able to add information to an optional text field in the album metadata. For albums that don’t have booklet notes or other PDF, I would like to be able add that information. For example, I listen to a lot of Bach Cantatas. Many do not include lyrics or other information. But the information is out there and I’ll often look it up on the web while listening. It would be great to be able to add this information - or a link to web site - or other notes directly in the album metadata. Thanks.

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Great idea!

It would be extra helpful if this field could also be used to sort albums/tracks on.

I can’t speak to the metadata, but you can add some Images and PDFs to Roon for your viewing, here’s an example of a SIA album that came with a PDF, which is pretty much the full vinyl album liner notes and coverart, note it’s stored in the actual Roon Library file location:

geoB, Thanks but this would be for music stored locally. I don’t see where I would add anything for music that’s streamed, i.e. from Qobuz. That music is in my Roon library but it’s not stored locally, is it?

ahh I missed that part you were referring to non local content, sorry. But one item of interest, some Qobuz content does include additional data, I have no clue how to find it other than just getting lucky, here’s a Qobuz album that also includes a PDF, note this album is not in my library and includes a PDF, I also added it to my library and it keeps the PDF, I then Edited the Album and did not find it, but perhaps someone from Roon can jump in, if Roon is storing a pointer, that may be what you want:

I have found that Roon brings in all of the attached liner notes from Qobuz whenever Qobuz has them. Which is great. But for many albums, there are no notes in Qobuz. And I’d still like to be able to annotate the library entry with my own text and/or links to other sources that Roon doesn’t have.