Edit play counts?

I’d really like to be able to edit play counts on Roon. I use it as a way to track my listening, but do play a lot of vinyl. It’d be nice to be able to log my vinyl listening along with Roon plays for a more complete picture of my listening habits.

Me too. Post it in Feature Suggestions but ideally first search the category for existing requests, IIRC there is at least one (where you can vote for it).

At the moment, you can only play it to a different zone where the volume is off

Or queue the track and just play the last 5 seconds. .

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If you took your play counts off Roon and used Last.fm, it would keep track of all of your digitally played/streamed audio and you could use an app like Scrobbler to track all of your non digital play counts.

This is what I do since I also use Apple Music, in addition to Roon/Tidal, and also listen to vinyl in the evenings.

Thanks. I’ve just installed shazamscrobbler onto my roon core - it now listens out for vinyl plays and adds them to last.fm automatically. Now, if only I could get last.fm to display on (or better still sync) with Roon…

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Did you try this? Or is this only one-way Roon > Last.fm?

Yes I’ve already done that. It’s one way roon > Last.fm unfortunately.

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You can edit Play Count but it’s pretty tedious. Navigate to History. Select the track you want to edit. In the upper right hand corner of the screen is an Edit button. Once you click Edit you have the option to Move Plays or Delete Plays. This also works for multiple selections. Not very comprehensive but it may achieve what you want.

Yes, but not Add Plays, to add e.g. a vinyl play to one’s history

Correct. That’s why I said the function was not very comprehensive.

I get it :slight_smile: It’s just that the missing option is the one that would be necessary to solve the problem posed in the OP :slight_smile: