Edit primary artist and performers at the same time

There are albums that are identified with multiple artists; this is especially true for jazz albums (for example many ECM albums, see attached pictures , before and after)

For these albums I edit the primary artist to show only the primary album artist (es. Stenson) but then often it shows performed by “the artist I took off” (es. jormin and motian)

so I have to select tracks, edit credits and remove the artists I don’t want from primary artists.
So I have to do it twice and This is really annoying!!
is there a way to do it only once?

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anyone? :thinking:

I can definitely see the value in this request. I don’t have any timelines I can share about when we might be able to make this change, but I’ve moved this over to feature requests so we can gauge interest and prioritize accordingly.

Thanks for the feedback @Andrea_Tacchetti!

Thank you Mike! So I’ll wait to edit the albums until it will be possible (when it will be will be!)

I have been wondering the same thing a few times, but didn’t bother to check here before today. Time consuming to go through each of the tracks to change as well, when it could all have been done in one go (or even being able to select many tracks for editing at once would be sufficient).

I would benefit from the time saving this feature request would result in.

+1 from me

I use the distinction between Album Artist and Primary Artist to achieve good results.

On the Goodbye album, I like the arrangement you show: Stenson as the Album Artist so it is sorted there, but Jormin and Motian as Primary Artist so both of them drive the list of albums By This Artist, and also to support the Filter function (funnel icon). Search (magnifying glass) will find any artist in Credits, and then from there you can see albums he appears on, but the funnel icon is quicker and include Album and primary artists only.

This becomes a useful distinction and I am now slowly walking through my library (including Tidal) to get things set up this way.

Long press on a track of interest, then select other tracks, then edit.

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