Editing a WAV concert file into tracks but keeping gapless!

Hi all
I ripped a Blu-ray audio disc earlier (just for the stereo audio) using MakeMKV, and then dropped the resulting file into Audacity to then save as a WAV file.
I’de like to cut it into separate tracks before converting to FLAC but also keep the album gapless as it’s a live album. I’m happy chopping it about in Audacity or Wavelab 7LE on our Win11 pc, but not sure if either will ensure the album remains gapless.
Any tips/warnings?

EDIT: I’ve had a search here and found helpful comments about DVD Audio Extractor so I’ll have a play with that, but it’d be nice to have some confirmation that I’m going down the right route and not wasting too much time!

Audacity can do it just fine. You can split an audio track at arbitrary points, then save each section as a separate file. You have to make sure it doesn’t do dithering or noise shaping during save though, so it’s a good idea to match the project’s sample rate and format to the audio you’re editing. If you want to do other processing, you can do it in 32-bit float (the max Audacity supports), then export the whole track in the format you want, so that noise shaping is done in one pass. Then, you can re-import the file and match the rate and format before chopping.


Thank you for that. I shall give it a go.

I have used DVD Audio Extractor with success for Blu Rays and DVDs. There is a 30 Day Free Trial.

DVD Audio Extractor


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