Editing albums and file locations

Good day to all,

I’m new to using roon and after a short trial, i decided to get a life membership. Roon is the most powerful tool i’ve found so far, for managing a big library etc…

However, i spent most of my time on the road, where i can’t (yet i hope) get roon to follow me with my portable devices.

My question is simple. After copying diverses music libraries (iTunes, high-res audio files bought online and cd rips) to Roon, Roon did a wonderful job at organizing most things some albums were “separated”. I’ll take one example. from a cd rip. (I’m not sure it’s roon fault in the first place, but the issue is there and i’m trying to deal with it)

The Album : Abbado / Berlin Philharmonic / Mahler Symphony no.9 (4 tracks total) was “divided” in two different location.

the first movement in a folder called (Berlin Phil & Abbado) subfolder (Mahler Symphony no.9) had the first movement. (track 1)

Movements 2 to 4 were in a folder called (Claudio Abba & Berlin Phil) sub folder (Mahler Symphony no.9).

In the Roon interface, it was easy to select the 2 albums and to merge them together, result : flawless, metadata matching etc…

However, if i understand correctly, the actual files remained in their dual location and in order to have them properly stored (to copy to a dap or to carry with me in a portable sad), i would have to access my storage and manually drag the files to have them in the same folder right ??

Is there a way, in Room to also move the physical files, when doing some editing, to avoid having to do a second “spring cleaning” outside of Roon ?

As many of you know, metadata for classical music often time consuming. i’m enjoying learning how to properly do it in Roon, but i’m looking for a way to do it once and for all.

many thanks

No, other the file deletion (after several conformational prompts) Roon does not touch the files.