Editing in Chrome browser on Windows 8.1

I’m finding the Discourse editor in a Chrome browser on Windows 8.1 to be unusably laggy and the menus to be very slow. No problems in iOS or on Windows 7/ME.

Can anyone confirm ? Anyone know why or found a workaround ? I saw some suggestion that enabling hardware acceleration caused this but that is turned off in Chrome.

If others encounter this too, I’d suggest filing a Chromium bug at http://new.crbug.com.

I’m not sure what the “discourse editor” is or I’d try to repro on Mac.

Hmm. I use Firefox and don’t have an issue.

Discourse is the name of the forum software used here.

Oh, duh :slight_smile: Haha.

I don’t see any issues on mac Chrome (M56beta, macOS 10.12). But I’m not doing any fancy styled editing, just straightforward text. If you have a specific case I can try to test, let me know.

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Just text only is unusable. I’ll pop onto the Chromium site (thanks !) and see if anyone else is seeing it.

If you do end up filing a bug (which I would recommend), put the link here and I’ll make sure it gets some traction.

Using an Incognito window, the problem disappears. Clearing browsing data, including cookies, doesn’t fix it in a normal window.

@Mike_Pinkerton, I’ve opened Issue 677583 for this.

Thanks, I’ll follow up next week when I’m back at the office.

The fact that it doesn’t happen in Incognito makes me really think it’s a bad interaction with an extension, since most extensions aren’t allowed to run in Incognito unless you specifically allow them. Can you try selectively disabling extensions until it goes away?

Thanks Mike,

It was an extension named “Colour Enhancer” that was the cause of the problem. I can’t recall how it came to be installed. I’ve now trashed it and everything is speedy again. Thanks for your help !

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Great, glad you found it. I’ll close the bug as invalid.

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