Editing in iOS app

I just started a free trial. Using ROCK on a NUC and controlling with the iOS app. Everything has imported fine except 2 albums that were a part of a box set of reissues. They came in as the Box Set instead of the individual albums. The other 13 albums in the box set came in fine.

I read here about what to do regarding box sets. I tried all that was recommended to no avail and it seems the “Fixing Errors” part at the end only applies to Roon Desktop. I can’t find anywhere in the iOS app that you can edit albums. My computer is way too outdated to run Roon, so for now I am stuck with the iOS app as my controller. Am I correct that there is no way of editing in the iOS app?

Unfortunately you are right. You need a pc or tablet.

Hi @Jacob_Sutton,

The UI for mobile devices does not include the ability to edit at this time. You’ll need a PC or tablet device to have the full UI.