Editing label metadata and unidentified releases

Couple of metadata related things…

First is a tiny tiny thing, but this album:


has its label set to ‘12K’ rather than ‘12k’, which since it looks like the label search is case sensitive, means it doesn’t appear with all my other 12k releases.

Thought I’d fix by editing metadata for the album, but I don’t seem to be able to remove the 12K that Roon thinks is the label, I can only add my own extra label data - which makes the search work, but my OCD isn’t so keen :slight_smile:

Second is that about 10-15% of the albums in my collection aren’t identified at all. e.g. all the releases on the these two labels seem to be totally absent:


They’re small labels admittedly, but not that obscure. Have quite a few other similar releases that are missing as well, again all on discogs. Any chance discogs metadata will be incorporated at some point? Find it much more complete than any other service.

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Such “tiny tiny things” are simply mistakes and should be corrected! It wouldn’t be accepted on the case of a CD, so Rovi/TiVo shouldn’t create these mistakes.

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Happy to see both someone with similar label/music interest as myself, but also someone noting the annoyance of having the label information in “edit mode” displayed in all caps.

Maybe this should be featured in the feature request section, but will start with reviving this old thread.

12K vs 12k is a perfect example.
Room40 vs ROOM40 another.
iDEAL Recordings vs Ideal Recordings.

Since it is impossible to judge by reading the tags from within the edit menu, the all caps is really a small pain. Would be fantastic if this could be changed, as they are not displayed like that when out browsing and about.


Has this been sorted yet? I’m currently struggling with the same issue - the record label scrape is slightly incorrect, but I can’t seem to change it - only add a new one, which is no use!

Edit: just figured out that you can add a new one, then deselect the Roon one :smiley: