Editing mutiple relations

In my local library I have 4 times a track called Back to Schooldays. In 3 cases the occurence is noticed by a small cd icon with a 3. Clicking the icon show the other tracks. It never shows the fourth occurence. Is there a way to edit/add the relation. All metada is correct, the tracks have the same spelling.

They will need the same Composer(s) also, but if that does not work you will need to try to “merge” all four compositions. This doesn’t always work either but it is the first thing to try.

Apologies if you already know how to do this:

  1. Go to the main side-bar menu and click on compositions.
  2. Filter on the composition title and composer.
  3. Highlight the compositions you want to merge by right clicking them.
  4. In the top right corner you will see a “merge composition” button. Click on that.
  5. Roon then asks you which composition you want to be the “master” composition. Usually choose the one with the most (correct) meta-data.

Thanks. I knew this but filtering gave only 2 of 4 tracks. Did your other suggestions and that worked on all 4!