Editing Playlist Song Sequence

If I want to move multiple songs to a different spot (sequence) in the playlist I have to do it one song at a time. This takes too long and is frustrating. Roon allows selecting multiple songs at onetime to delete them. Just extend this multi song select capability to drag multiple songs to a new location in the playlist.

  • select multiple
  • use drag button to move all, not just one to new location
    Simple. Huge benefit

THIS. This is is table stakes for software like this. Having to move tracks in a playlist one at a time is pretty broken. Please fix this.

Yes, move album. Please give playlists some love in the next update(s).

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I just started Roon, still in trial, and can’t believe this simple feature to move more than one track at a time in the playlist isn’t available. Ran into this issue as i’m trying to make fav. albums list in order and it’s a pain to move them around.


Agree! Basic feature.

Roon Core Machine

When trying to move songs in a playlist from one location in the playlist to another, I can highlight multiple songs but when I go to move them, only one moves. Unlike other functions: (1) Can add multiple songs to a playlist at once, (2) can delete multiple songs in a playlist at once - but move multiple is not working. Only one moves at a time. This is terribly time wasting; as dragging songs one at a time is very slow and frustrating. Can you

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You can only move one at a time unfortunately. Been complained about many times.

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