Editing Playlist Song Sequence

If I want to move multiple songs to a different spot (sequence) in the playlist I have to do it one song at a time. This takes too long and is frustrating. Roon allows selecting multiple songs at onetime to delete them. Just extend this multi song select capability to drag multiple songs to a new location in the playlist.

  • select multiple
  • use drag button to move all, not just one to new location
    Simple. Huge benefit

THIS. This is is table stakes for software like this. Having to move tracks in a playlist one at a time is pretty broken. Please fix this.

Yes, move album. Please give playlists some love in the next update(s).

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I just started Roon, still in trial, and can’t believe this simple feature to move more than one track at a time in the playlist isn’t available. Ran into this issue as i’m trying to make fav. albums list in order and it’s a pain to move them around.


Agree! Basic feature.

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When trying to move songs in a playlist from one location in the playlist to another, I can highlight multiple songs but when I go to move them, only one moves. Unlike other functions: (1) Can add multiple songs to a playlist at once, (2) can delete multiple songs in a playlist at once - but move multiple is not working. Only one moves at a time. This is terribly time wasting; as dragging songs one at a time is very slow and frustrating. Can you

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You can only move one at a time unfortunately. Been complained about many times.

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Roon… gotta fix this! I’ve got some playlists that are thousands of songs long (admittedly, I’m an obsessed completist), and it is important to me to have every track in chronological order. It takes 5+ minutes to even move one song into the correct position. Please make the necessary changes so that I can move a whole album. Thanks!

Hello Bruce - welcome to the community. I’ve moved your post to an existing thread about this feature suggestion. Please add your vote to it by click on the Vote button at the top of the thread. Thanks.

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Please make it possible to move a full album within a playlist. It would also be helpful to have a scroll bar on the right side. Thanks!