Editing the Pop/Rock Genre, Questions

Hello I’m new to Roon since 11/2019. I am at this point a pure streamer, I’m not using any personal music files, I just steam from Tidal(3700 Albums) I have questions about Genre Mapping. What I want to do is take my top level genre Pop/Rock and convert it into 3 top level genres - Pop, Rock, and Alternative/Indie. I understand how to move genres around, either to a top level or under another parent genre. So I have already moved the sub genres Pop and Alternative/Indie out of Pop/Rock and made them top level genres of their own. And I’ve moved what I feel is corresponding sub genres out of Pop/Rock and put them under Pop and Alternative/Indie respectively. So what I’m left with in the Pop/Rock genre is basically what I would consider Rock.


  1. Can I rename Pop/Rock to Rock? I don’t see how

  2. Can we add genres from scratch? Or are we only allowed to map one genre to another?

  3. I’m a Tidal streamer only, must I add a personal music track with Rock as its genre to my library to map Pop/Rock to Rock?

  4. Do I really want to do all this just to clean up Pop/Rock? That’s rhetorical your lovely answers will help me with that struggle.

  5. Do you guys have a better way to separate the Pop/Rock genre that I should consider?

Thanks for your help