Editing Track Information in 1.3

Dear roon Staff:
I am finding my way in 1.3 after becoming a Life Time subscriber early on with roon after it was released to the World. I thought, and presently can not, that with 1.3, I would be able to edit a track title in an album that has been mis-identified. But how to eludes me no matter what I try. Specifically, I recently downloaded a DSD DSF128 album, Scott LaFaro, Pieces of Jade, from HDtracks.com. Moved the album to my iTunes Music Library Directory located on a Promise Pegasus Thunderbolt 18TB R6 Raid 5, under Scott LaFaro folder. Employed DSDMaster (BitPerfect) and created a 352.8/24 in addition to the downloaded DSD DSF128 file.
roon displayed both editions as new and getting the PCM folder edition of the album with the correct cover art and track names, BUT, the DSD DSF128 album with no cover art and displayed the one album as composed of three disc (1,2,5) with the first two tracks titles correctly named and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth track tiles as 3track, 4track, 5 track, 6 track, I was taken by surprise that roon would get so much wrong with the album metadata. And I fumbled along getting to know 1.3.
I tried various attempts to correct, identify, reanalyze, and the other steps, but nothing corrected the DSD DSF album. I tried, adding to edit tracks, supplying primary artist, downloaded the cover art and supplied the jpg file, and attempted to find a way to rename those 4 tracks, and to reorganize the album into one disc with 6 tracks. I was able using the tools provided in 1.3 to merge the 3 discs into one disc with 6 tracks. But not to correct the track names. I chose the path to sorting through the albums offered for identification. A 2009 version of Pieces of Jade was selected, and that resulted in one disc with 6 tracks, the wrong cover art for the 2017 edition and five out of six track names that were correct.
The odd thing (for me) is that when going through the steps to correct with the six tracks aligned in the right column, the correct track names for all six tracks were listed with a notation that one of the tracks did not match and in the left column the sixth track was incorrect. Still, I saved the tracks in the right column hoping this would change the sixth track. But despite saving those six tracks, the result was that the sixth track remained unchanged. I hoped clicking on saving the album tracks to the right would cure the misnamed sixth track.
Nothing I attempted would allow me to edit the sixth track. I thought that 1.3 would allow me to actually edit the track’s name by typing it in or choosing a track list and saving it. I found no way to edit the track manually and saving the track list that was correct did not save the correct sixth track name.
Is there no way to manually correct a track name for an album that was correctly watched and displayed in roon in one instance from my watched folder, i.e., the converted DSD into a PCM 352.8 with the correct cover art and track names but not the original downloaded DSD DSF128 album with the correct cover art and correct track names, which I can not correct beyond referring roon to the correct cover art saved in Pictures?
Have I missed a step or a method for manually correcting track six name or directing roon to the correct folder with the correct cover art and titles? Any help will be appreciated.