EL-8 Closed DSP Causes Hot Treble?

I’ve been using my closed EL-8 at work with Roon sporadically for quite some time. At some point I was starting to get bothered by the treble being too hot on some recordings. It can be on cymbals, or on s sounds of vocals. I have tried playing around with the EQ and it works some of the time but not all of it, or at least I can’t find a setting that works for all recordings.
What I did find though was that the DSP preset is in part responsible for the treble hotness. When I turn it off it will fix the issue in most cases, but of course will sound worse otherwise. Also, while the linear preset sounds generally better than the low-latency one, it introduces more of that treble problem.

I guess what I want is to first get a validation that what I’m hearing could actually be a result of the filter (anyone here experienced the same with closed EL-8s?), and if so, to know what the chances are of this being adjusted.