Elac Discovery Server as endpoint

I have an Elac Discovery as an endpoint in my Setup. Do I have to connect to my Roon account to have full functionality or is it sufficient to just connect it?

I simply put the Discovery Z3 in another room. It was found immediately as an endpoint and easily grouped with my Aries G2 streamer.

Thank you. Registered the Elac Discovery server with Roon and it works as well as it works without being connectd to Roon.

I am not certain that you know this, but the app that Elac distributes is notoriously problematic. I could not get my E3 discovered on (our) network. I could not update the firmware either.

Finally, a customer service person wrote and said that I should use the IP address of the Z3 of our network and update from there. We did so, and all was well.

We bought directly from Elac which was running a sale.