ELAC DS-C101W-G and DSP Volume

Curious as to where the -7.80db leveling is coming from?

As it’s shown after the stream got handed off to the ELAC Discovery Connect, look into the setup/configuration of the ELAC – it is not Roon’s doing.

Thanks! Yeah, I looked there already and of course nothing documented :slight_smile: Oh well, not a biggie.

Also check if you have volume leveling active in your zone settings (gear symbol when you click on the speaker symbol bottom right). If volume control in Device Setup is set to “Device Volume”, the volume adjustment might be left (sent) to the device’s volume control instead of handled by your Roon Core itself.

Update: I don’t think it’s that.

Yeah, did that too. That’s why I ultimately posted here. I can’t seem to find any setting in Core for the ELAC device or on the ELAC iOS app that seems to indicate any leveling …

Found the culprit. Even though I set up the ELAC out of the box as a fixed volume device in Roon when I switched it to device volume and looked at the volume setting is was not 100. I changed the volume to 100 and then back to fixed volume for the device.

I am now but perfect again!