Electric transportation? The future or?

Intriguing :thinking:

One lousy tattoo. A travesty. :laughing:

Did they design this to be so ugly that no one would want to nick it?
For adventurous freedom seeker as long as you only go up to 80 miles

Cost and range remain an issue for me, I don’t particularly like it, but eye of the beholder etc etc

I’m on the ferry to Calais in the morning, heading to Alsace, the Black Forest and back via Belgium. I tend to do 300-350km a day (zero motorways, avoiding main roads where possible) and electric simply won’t work for me yet

It’ll come, though, and I’ve no issue with it

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Unfortunately the world is simply not ready for electric vehicles full time and I seriously doubt it will be in my lifetime.
Mrs.Rimmer is seriously considering an electric car as she only does around town commuting.
But we will always have gasoline powered vehicles as well until…
When you can charge a car to give 400 miles range in the same time and as plentiful charging stations as gasoline.

Until then the vast majority of Americans for sure will not be accepting it.


I will never purchase another gasoline powered vehicle. My next car will probably be a Tesla Model 3 except I hate buying from Elon Musk.

Plenty of choices besides Tesla and only going to get better.
Give it 5 years and there might even be a car or bike I will seriously consider for myself.
They did try to persuade me on a Porsche Taycan…lol.

I do actually like the look of the Can-Am electric bikes coming to market soon.

I’m waiting for the Electric Hellcat

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In the UK the tale is of blackouts due to power shortages.
An EV will be no good then.

There’s also the question of whether the production and disposal of the batteries used in EVs is all that Green. Still, obviously better than fossil fuels. Doesn’t matter. All these half-hearted efforts are too later. Electric motorcycles; the final grasp at a straw.


Another excellent and overlooked ( deliberately I feel) point by the “Green Team”.

Maybe we should have a new electric transport thread?

I have a Renault zoe and solar panels that earn me double what it costs to charge the car for 35 miles a day. Works for me!


This thread here is about electric motorcycles and not about electric cars, right?

No not really, that’s why I titled it electric transportation.
Cars, bikes, trucks, boats.

All good here.

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Another point that gets very little airing is the actual production of all the said electricity required.
Most of it is going to be far from green!

Yes there are some powerplants using solar, wind, water etc.
And of course nuclear power but…

The vast majority is going to come from “regular” powerplants which are far from green or enviromentally friendly.

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I can also charge it for free at two local pubs while enjoying a meal and a beer. If I leave it charging and stagger home I can have more beer.

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Hard to fault that " logic" :wink:

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Somehow I doubt that’s a Wetherspoons pub…

The nearest thing to free beer I’ve seen in a long time.


The price of those would seem like free to me. It’s £5 a pint up here!

I have an BMW i3s since two years, mainly for commuting. I have 40 km per day. Main reason for me to buy an electric car was to reduce air pollution in my City, which is Munich.

If an electric car is really green throughout its whole lifecycle is very difficult to answer and there are studies stating yes and no. :wink:
Some say in Germany with an electric power mix of 50% green power and 50% conventional power it is (Even including the ecological costs of the battery and building the car) and then others say, but when are you charging your car? Usually over night and what kind of electric power is produced during the night, no solar power and usually also no wind energy, so your are charging your car with conventional electric power only. etc. etc. So quite a complex topic.

Nice is that I now drive for more than half the costs I would have with a comparable gasoline car. I pay no taxes for the car in Germany, insurance is very low, I get a yearly (THG compensation payed by the oil company which is in the range of my yearly insurance and I pay 4.25€ per hundert Kilometers instead of 10 to 12€ for my gasoline car.

And if you start driving an electric car you learn the fixation on range is a non issue, also for long distance driving. I know everybody wants a car which makes 1500km in 12 hours without any breaks (only a short stop for fuel). In fact to strife for long distances is counter productive as you always require a heavy battery which you do not need most of the time. Better charging infrastructure is key.
This is valid for Europe, I know in countries with way longer distances it is a whole other story.

P.S. Sorry for my English, this is a topic I usually discuss only in German. :wink: