Element X - USB or RJ45

I just ordered an Element X. Looking forward to receiving it in order to test it. My music being stored on a Synology which connection is advised to the Element X, in USB or via network RJ 45?
In case of direct connection to USB via a Matrix X-SPIDIF 2 would it bring an audio gain compared to a RJ45 connection?
thanking you in advance

I would start by connecting by Ethernet NAS to router then Ethernetto Element X , that’s Roon’s preferred option

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Network connected endpoints are always preferable, Roon Ready/ethernet is 2-way, so your Roon signal path indicator will show exactly what’s happening. USB is not able to do this to the same level.

ok thanks for your answers

I’ve had mine for six months or so. Connected to Roon Core by Ethernet cable. It’s been a real pleasure.

I wouldn’t connect a Synology NAS directly to anything. Ethernet is best, unless you have a low noise stand alone streamer (such as a Rendu) then USB will be better. It is on my Matrix Mini Pro 3 running a microRendu 1.4 though the native RJ45 streaming is quite good on it, just more detail and openness via the microRendu with a good power supply which I happened to have. The Element X could be a different beast though.

The Element X’s DAC will be more than capable of dealing with any low level noise from the NAS over USB, however as it’s network capable, I would choose to go with the RJ45 ethernet connection.

EDIT: In any case, DSM 7 will kill the USB audio functionality of the NAS. Synolology is unapologetically commited to offering no USB audio driver support.

One nice feature of the Element X is its support for both USB and direct ethernet connections. I’ve found that an ethernet connection is more reliable. On the other hand, some DSP capabilities may require USB. For example I’ve used HQ Player and BACCH4Mac with USB connections. Lately my preferred configuration has B4M processing with USB out to the Element X.

I connect my X using both USB (direct to my NUC) and ethernet, both work flawlessly. I have to admit I don’t have a set of golder ears so to me I hear no difference, YMMV.

Technical review here shows no difference between ethernet and USB connection, just for reference.