Elminiate or reorder My Library Section in Desktop App

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Roon V2 build 1259

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Windows 10 PC running Roon V2 build 1259

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Is there anyway of eliminating the “My Library” section of the Artist display. I listen to Albums not tracks so I want the Albuims list for the artist to appear.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are talking about?
If I go to an Atrist’s page I look at the “discography” tab for their albums if that helps.

I don’t see Dsicography Iget this

In the overview I also see tracks first. I do not know how to customise that

But still you should see Discography (do you have any services? tidal/qobuz maybe discography needs streaming services)

I’ve moved your post to the #roon category, since it’s not really a question for the Support team

If you have not integrated a streaming service (Tidal and/or Qobuz) into Roon, then you won’t see Discography or other aspects related to the full catalogues of the service(s).

And you can’t currently reorder the Tracks and Albums section in the My Library display. If it’s important to you, please make a post requesting this in the #feedback:feature-suggestions category of the forum.


So are we saying this is a new feature, I’m not about to get a subscription to change the UI.
I am old fashioned, I like playing albums not random tracks so I find the tracks very annoying

No - please read what I wrote. The My Library section displays what is in your library, and you can’t currently reorder the sections.

Wouldn’t the “Main Albums” section of your screenshot be what you are looking for?

But yes, I agree it would be nice to be able to customize the view.

Yes but maybe he likes to see that in front of the tracks. I would do that if it would be customisable. Actually I would like the home page to be customisable :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I noticed that and edited my post.

It would be nice to have an “Albums” or “discography” tab on the artists page even if it’s just your Library.

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That really doesn’t make much sense. There is already a section holding the artist’s albums in your library on that page, so it would be tautologic to have a tab that would lead to the same list…

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Yes, but just to move one box over another would be nice.

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So - feature suggestion… :slightly_smiling_face:


Feature Suggestion done, it was also made last year and has no upvotes

@Geoff_Coupe, @BearFNF

As I said I don’t want to scroll past an area I consider useless for me.

I’m old fashioned I play albums. so reordering or editing the screen would be a relatively quick fix.
The simpler fix, is I don’t bother with Roon Arc or Roon to play stuff most of the time. I solved the streaming issue by Cloudplayer and copying my files to Google Drive many years ago…

But I’m a marginal use case as I hate Roon Radio. or any other lets play you random tracks feature. I’ve had to drop Amazon Alexa since it added the feature oif adding all the Amazon tracks, because you can’t play your own albums without a bunch of other tracks being added. Shame as my primary use case is voice based controi of music while I cook as I don’t want to touch screens wiith contaminated hands, nor do I want someone else’s playlist nor do I want to spend 10 minutes setting up a playlist before making a meal.


I think this whole one page roon thing should be ditched on larger devices with more pixels/screen space. Certain frames should remain. Side tabs on artist pages containing albums, Always accessible to minimize scrolling up and down so much… idk…

I’m sure there are a bunch of outside the box thinkers, and I’m sure there are some in the Roon Development Dept, but where are they?

But Theory and Reality kick in… in theory it may sound like a good idea, but in reality, it’s probably a coding nightmare…

Maybe In Roon 3.0. :star_struck:

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