Embarking on making another powered speaker endpoint

Your probably right they are probably not exactly 20 years but not far off. I had them in my first purchased flat in the London area which was 1999 or 2000 so not far off. Got them as an interim between a pair of B&W floorstanders which would not fit and Monitor Audio Silver Bookshelves I ended up getting.

You have to be careful that you don’t end up spending as much as a pair of ls50w that are already done!

Have to spend a bit to get near those. X300 maybe.

I kept getting distracted by speakers that were a little on the high side. I did think some KEF Q15 would work nicely and they can be had for reasonable money.

Yes, you should always avoid spending £2000 on a pair of active speakers with a certain reputation for unreliability! The cost of the Beocreate is only justifiable if you have some good but old speakers around to use (which is the whole selling point of the Beocreate). Otherwise, decent active speakers can be purchased from only a few hundred (£ or $) upwards; just add a Pi or a Chromecast to Roonify them.

Ye this is why I did mine as they were gathering dust in the loft. Only had to buy a soldering Iron, drill bit and a few cheap components.

I have ended up changing the USB wireless dongle to be an Edimax ew-7811uac so I can get better throughput. Took me hours to find the correct version of the driver to download and build to work on the 5GHz channels. But its done and nice and speedy now.

Neat project! Too bad there are no pictures of the insides!

I’m a big fan of modifying old electronics. I just added a microcontroller to an old Carver tuner so I can control it remotely. I’ll write it up soon and then post a link in this forum.

The bug has me now. I need a speaker for my bedroom. So next pay day I am buying a Qacoustics 2000Ci, Its a centre speaker so going to convert it. Its the ideal size for my bedroom, it comes in a nice gloss white and I can pick one up for about £50. I know how they sound too as I have one already in my AV setup and they are very good for the money. I am going to get the new Amp 2 from HifiBerry which is higher output than the old one and handles hires just debating buying a new pi3 with inbuilt wireless 5Ghz or use my last first gen b+.

Stay tuned.


Really nice job on your first project! :grinning:

Question on your next project, the single speaker: How do you get the left/right stereo into mono? Does the Amp2 have a setting for this, or can Roon do it with DSP?


Yes, use Roon DSP for Mono output. Perfect for driving woofer from one channel and tweeter from the other for a single speaker:

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I’m looking at a few options such as bridging the amp so its mono output . Been chatting to someone on the hifiberry forum and that’s what they did and it works for them but is not a supported method . Or I have found some Alsa options to mixdown. As I want Spotify as well as Roon I can just rely on Roons DSP to do it.

2nd one done. Mono speaker for bedroom. Using 2nd hand Qacoustics 2000ci and raspberry pi3 b+, HifiBerry Amp2. A little easier to do as it has in built wireless so only one hole needed to be drilled. And did not need to rewire the binding posts just disconnected them from the crossover and used some terminal blocks to connect to speaker wire from the Amp2. But not sure the wireless signal is strong enough to get 5ghz through the case. It was fine outside but struggles inside. So may have to settle for 2.4ghz.

Roon DSP downmixing to mono found out how on this very forum. I feel I need to do some EQ to balance it out a bit for music but need some advice here as I don’t really get EQ.

Courier managed to damage the cabinet in the lower left so some touchup required to sort that and the back where I added the power socket.

Before it goes in the case

Connecting the crossover

You can just see it inside :slight_smile:

In its new home


So now have 4 RAAT end points, 1 x squeezebox radio and a Chromecast audio into a portable speaker.

Pretty pleased it does sound pretty good to and way cheaper than any other RAAT speaker endpoint I could buy to fit in the bedroom. No I need to work out how to get Raspotify mono on it to. I think this might be a bit too hard to achieve.

Thought this was too easy, I may have to come up with some more mods for this one as the temp on the pi’s cpu is quite high even in idle. :frowning: Not as much empty space as the bookshelfs.

Well having researched a bit the new pi3 does seem to run hottest than previous ones. It’s not in danger territory so will just keep an eye on it.

Did some EQ this morning and got it sounding a little more balanced.

The load on the Pi tends to be pretty low when just streaming, so perhaps it’s more the amplifier and the box that doesn’t breathe? Also, if it’s just running warm, that’s really no big issue.

One thing you could try (though it would mean taking the thing apart) is to put a little heatsink on the Pi’s CPU. But I doubt that it’ll make a big difference, the Pi 3 B+ actually dissipates heat much better than older models because of the metal top on the CPU. Which is another reason I think it’s not the CPU that is producing the heat.

I don’t think there is much room for a heatsink in between it and the amp board. It was running warm outside to when I tested it now I come to think of it. Although I did not check the temp but it as a lot hotter to touch than the previous model. I did find some others online that found their units to run at a similar temp as mine so I am not concerned. It’s not burning hot, and the location its in won’t help so will just see how it gets on. It’s seemed to have stabilized at a steady temp if a little higher than my other models.

Checked my other pi3 which is open to the elements and only has a LCD attached to it and it’s not much cooler than the one in the speaker so I will sleep easier knowing the pi3 just runs hotter in general.