Emoji only shown in black-and-white, should be colour

Roon Core Machine

HP ProDesk 400 G2
Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet, ipTIME T3004 4-port gigabit router

Connected Audio Devices

Gustard R26 via Roon Bridge on internal streamer

Number of Tracks in Library

about 5.9k tracks

Description of Issue

Emoji is only displayed in black-and-white. It should display full color emoji.

Funnily, Roon ARC is fully capable displaying emoji in its glorious color. It only happens in main Roon.

Roon and Roon ARC use different development platforms. Roon has always displayed fonts in monochrome. This is not a bug.

So there’s no plan for color emoji anytime soon for main Roon? I hope it gets added later.

Another feature request

Who cares? Such silliness.

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I do care. If it’s open source (or at least free) I won’t care or try to implement it myself but it’s paid software costing real money I gotta say something. Also it’s not silly.

Yeah I assumed it was missed out bug or something. It should be moved to feature request section.


I can’t find this artist track/album with the emoji issues tho

Here’s an explanation from 2019…

We’re using the older black and white Noto emoji font that doesn’t contain newer emojis (and does not get updates). It was added on a whim as part of testing recent text shaping/compositing work. If this is something you think you’d actually use, we could consider using the color version of the font (which does get updated), but there is a considerable difference in resource size (419KB vs. 7.3MB).

Iy would seem that there’s not been demand for such a feature.

Note that ARC is an entirely different app, and this relates to Roon only.

I do listen to some very weird musics so makes sense it’s low demand. (You wouldn’t have thought that there’s a song with emoji title and lyrics, right? But there is one.)

It’s on TIDAL but it’s in alternative title without emoji. And yes, this alternative title is how you’re supposed to pronounce this.

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