Enable control of mixer device (volume)


To prevent confusion, my dac does not have hardware volume control. However, I’ve written an application to synchronize a (sortof) dummy mixer (volume control) with my (any?) amplifier. This volume control can be added in some ALSA configuration file. This works very well with MPD, Shairport, upmpdcli (dlna/openhome).

As to my question: as a test I use the ALSA dummy audio driver for playback (modprobe snd_dummy), it has numerous volume controls. However, Roon does not give me control of any of them and says “Volume Control is Fixed”. The “Volume Control Mode” for this device is set to “Use Device Controls”.

Any ideas why Roon wouldn’t give me control of this dummy driver? As far as Roon is concerned this is an actual device with actual volume controls…

Thanks in advance, Maarten