Enable Meridian Audio streaming [do not use]

In the DEV section of Settings there is a box called “Enable Meridian Audio Streaming” what is it for? should it be selected? ther is no further info about the possible selection.

The Dev menu in settings should not have been visible in the public release of Roon, it was an oversight and will be removed on the next build.

The Enable Meridian Audio Streaming setting does what it says on the tin, when enabled (default) Roon can detect and stream to Meridian Audio (Sooloos) audio endpoints such as the 818, MS600, MS200 etc.

Switching it off is sometimes useful to to Roon devs.

I recommend not playing around in the dev setting … as nothing there is of use to the end user and some buttons will crash Roon.

Plus, if you mess with those settings, then we remove the UI in the next build, you’ll be unable to put them back.

Good to know I thought it had to do Meridian MQA

Should we not select check for upgrades every 10min?

absolutely not… that setting also has extra badness, which could cause you to run out of ram

With all respect shouldn’t we tell all not to use the DEV part of settings? even better lets delete it? With respect, apart from some hang on items (stuff for headphones,equalizers) has the SQ of ROON been improved to any extent?

it’ll be gone in the next build of remotes