Enable Roon to be default music player on iPhone and iPad

Whenever my phone connects up to bluetooth or media connection in my car (no Apple CarPlay capabilities), Apple Music starts playing. I would like to see something come up to select between the two (the Siri learning method doesn’t seem to work on my phone).

I think you need to write to Tim Cook about that one…

Why? I can make Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube etc. my default music player app on the iPhone. So why not Roon ARC?

Oh sorry. I mean that Tidal is my default music player, and with some trial and error I got it to play by default when I ask Siri to “Play Paranoid by Black Sabbath”. But still when I plug my phone into a car with CarPlay it often just starts on Apple Music… which is funny because I just don’t use Apple Music, so it plays this one U2 album (that I never listen to otherwise so it’s weird)…. Anyways, I agree with you that it would be good to be able to set ARC as default, but I’m also saying that “default isn’t always default in some contexts, ‘cause Apple is weird”.

CarPlay and Apple Music are both Apple products. Therein might be the cause.