Enable Roon to flip screen it necessary on tablets

At present Roon dictates which way I hold my tablet, whereas it should just have the tablet flip the screen it I’m holding it “upside down”.

The iPad “flips”.

Cheers, Greg

Just noticed it’s only my Galaxy that doesn’t flip. Scrap the request.

The app flips around fine on both of my Android tablets, my guess is you might have screen lock enabled on your Galaxy tablet. Not sure where Samsung puts the settings on for that but you might try searching auto-rotate or orientation within the settings menu.

It’s the Samsung Galaxy View…I’m guessing they decided as it only has one way to stand and one orientation that would work they don’t flip the screen. My Google Nexus 10 does.

That appears to be the case from what i could tell from a a couple of searches. Apart from that a screen that size seems like it would make for a great Roon display.